Monday, November 22

A sincere apology

I would love to say sorry. Sorry for dragging almost everyone in to this mess, for all the trouble I caused , for all the problems I gave , for all the headaches , for being so selfish and stupid , for not making things easier when I could. And also thank you. Thank you for all the tries to make things better , thank you for all the effort , thank you for all the trouble , thank you for even trying to search for me. This is for all the people that was involved. You know who you are. Sorry for everything. Sincerely , me

Throughout the shits ,

Dear boyfriend ,
yes it's you Haikal Hamzah :') It's only been 15 days and damn has it been bumpy as ever. You've been here with me through good and bad , thick and thin , sad and happy , tears and laughs. Everything. It's you, you're the one. This is all my fault , I made it this way. I should have listened to you in the first place. I know what I did was totally wrong. So I have to stay strong no matter what since I was the one who made it this way. I'm sorry for dragging you down with me , I'm sorry I caused you too much trouble, I'm sorry you had to take all the blame while it was actually all my fault , I'm sorry I let you down. But I also want to say thanks. Thank you for being patient with me , thank you for being calm with me , thank you for not leaving when shits happen , thank you for being here with me through everything , thank you for trying to make me go home , thank you for taking all the consequences, thank you for being the best , thank you for being strong , thank you for trying and giving your best shot to make this work. No way am I letting you go now , not ever. No way i'm going to let this end just like that. No way i'm going to give up now. I have to chin up and stay strong and hold on tight. All that's left for me to do now is to have faith in you , in us. Nothing left. In order to make this last , I have to hold on tight no matter what. We'll go through this right sayang ? :') Baby , you're the best I've ever had. I swear you made me feel brand new again. Even when I'm crying , you know exactly the right words to say so that I would smile again. When you're there with by my side , I just love how you grab my hand and won't let go till our hands sweat. I love how we have cute ways of making each other smile. Awak omey angat en en :) Anyonyonyo hihi. I sayang you weh , sumpah do sumpah do sumpah do :'( Remember what I said last night ? You're one hard headed retard lame pain in the ass chicken. But who the fuck cares? I don't. All that matters is that I love you whole heartedly. Just you, you as who you really are now. Don't ever change. You're mine now and always. Keep in mind. I love you Haikal Hamzah , everlastingly♥

Sunday, November 14

Current addiction

What's there for me to talk about ? Hmmm let's start with Friday :)

Friday, 121110
I woke up and head to Azra's house early. There I sat down and talk with Afiera. About everything. Yes , literally everything. It's been ages since we last did that. And around 10am , the lovely boyfriend arrived :') Headed to Tasha's house to grab Azra's handbag and then the 2 girls wanted Nasi Lemak. Dropped them home and went to McDonald's drivethru with the one and only Haikal Hamzah♥ We headed to Section 12's Helipad after that. It was just great. Nothing exciting about the hill, but just knowing he's there with me , completed my day :') And that was just it.

Saturday, 131110
Woke up , woke Haikal up , spent talking to him for hours and hours . And that was just it :)

Sunday(today), 141110
Pretty much the same thing I did yesterday , lol

Yes as you can see , I spend my days mostly with ze boyfriend. Heh call me lifeless but who gives a fuck. At least he cares enough to stay with me day and night :) Everything is just fine for me . Just simply fine.

Friday, November 12

Less than three

I less than three you , enough said.

Thursday, November 11

Whole hearted♥

After all the pain , after all the shits , after all the struggling , and after all the tears..

I'm finally back on my feet again :')

I hope he's worth the wait. I hope he's going to stay. I hope he's going to be the one♥

Dear loser ,
I think I've been gone through enough. Like seriously, enough. You showed up and lighten up everything. You came without a greeting. Without an invitation. You came only as a friend, and that's all you intended to be. And now.. you're my boyfriend. I don't dare to ask myself how it happened. I only thank God for letting it happen. I am surely thankful to have you, and I am damn proud to say that I own you. I've never thought I'd end up being inlove with a retard loser that laughs like a chicken. You are one of the most annoying pain in the ass yet lovable retard loser I've ever known. Thank you for your everlasting insults and teasing , but then again you know how to draw that smile on my face again :') Face it , I've gone all googlywiggly inlove with you Haikal Hamzah

08112010 ; 1.04am
I've been counting seconds ever since. You're the best thing I ever knew I needed :')